How to Apply For Teaching Jobs In Dubai 2022/2023 -See Steps and Requirements Here

Dubai is one of the beautiful country one will like to live and further job career.The road to getting a job in Dubai isn’t just the easiest or quickest, but it also  the most rewarding. Dubai is a top destination for many professionals because of the standard of living.

Many teaching jobs abound in Dubai, especially in private schools and their pay is very attractive when compared to teachers in other countries. There are a few routes you could take when looking for a job in the United Arab Emirates but I’ll walk you through what worked (and didn’t work!) for me. As a teacher in Dubai, you would most likely teach in either a kindergarten or primary school also, there are online teaching jobs in Dubai which we would shed more light on below.

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Teaching Jobs In Dubai For Foreigners

There are numerous teaching jobs in Dubai for foreigners in various disciplines but the question most people have asked is how can I get a teaching job in Dubai as a foreigner from my country of residence? As a foreigner, you are advised to search for jobs on trusted sites like LinkedIn.

Requirements To Become A Teacher In Dubai:

You must :

  • be able to speak English at a native speaker fluency level (may have to prove this with IELTS scores depending on your nationality)
  • have a degree in teaching (can be a B.Ed, PGCE or whatever your country’s equivalent is)
  • have a valid teaching license from your home country
  • have a clean criminal record
  • have a valid passport

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Salary Of Teachers In Dubai

As we earlier stated, the salary of teachers in Dubai is very attractive, especially those teaching in private schools in Dubai. According to, their salary is estimated to be between 7000 – 16,000 AED which is equivalent to ($1900 – 4400) per month.

Unqualified Teaching Jobs In Dubai

There are schools that recruit teachers with no experience in Dubai and you can also find these schools on online job search sites like indeed. Unqualified teaching positions would clearly be specified in the job description you are applying for.

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