JAMB 2022 Result Printout Update: When and How to print out your JAMB Score and Statement of Result via JAMB portal – www.jamb.gov.ng

JAMB 2022 Result Printout Update: When and How to print out your JAMB Score and Statement of Result via JAMB portal – www.jamb.gov.ng,How to confirm your JAMB score online after receiving SMS or Text Message

Candidates that wrote the 2022 UTME examination can now check and know their score/result and also print out statement of result in other to prepare for the next stage which is POST UTME. Since the introduction of CBT in JAMB examination writing, results checking and printing has been the fastest so far. It comes out a day or two days after your writing your Exam.

I wrote my exam today when will I see my result

After writing JAMB CBT exam, what everyone awaits is the result. You will be able to check your result the next day. The next outline will tell you when JAMB 2022 result will be released.

When can i check and Print my 2022 JAMB Score or Result Statement Online

Checking and Printing of JAMB Score or Statement of JAMB Result starts on Saturday, 7th May, 2022 through 30th of June, 2022.

When is checking of result and printing of 2022 JAMB Score or Statement of Result ending

Checking of result and printing of 2022 JAMB Score or statement of result ends when everything that has to do with JAMB 2022 ends.

When will I see my result (JAMB Score) after my JAMB examination?

JAMB sends JAMB Scores of every candidates that participated in the exam SMS displaying their score. The SMS comes a day or two days after the examination showing your JAMB Score. Meanwhile, you will be directed as well to rush and print it out online.

I scored below 180, is there hope for me to get admission in the University

Actually, there is hope, but it could not be your desired University.

What to do to get Admission to any school you did not choose initially or originally before writing JAMB Examination

All you need to do is to do change of institution.

How to check and confirm your JAMB score online via JAMB portal or website

It is vital you check and confirm your JAMB score online in case if wrong message was sent to you. It will help you to know your score in each subjects. Use the steps below to print out your JAMB score via JAMB portal or website.

What to do if my result was cancelled or if I cannot view my result online

If you cannot see or your result online, it could be as a result of your centre being cancelled due to indulgence in any form of malpractice as detected in Abuja via CCTV.

What will happen to those whose centres were cancelled

A day will be scheduled for the rewriting of their exams. Whenever is time, every candidate would be required to check the JAMB portal to confirm if he/she is among. If you are among, kindly rewrite and wait for your result.

Note: New centre or venue, date and time will be scheduled or given to you for the exam.

Why you did not receive SMS of your JAMB score and What to do to see your JAMB score

It could be that your sim card is on DND (Do Not Disturb) settings. You can actually check your result online using the steps below.

I received SMS (Text Message) from JAMB showing my score and am asked to Print it, Please How Do I Do that. Kindly go to a Cyber Café and do the printing of your JAMB score or result or check with your Phone using the steps below.

How to check or Print statement of your result (Jamb Score) online via JAMB portal or website

follow the steps below to print JAMB 2022 Statement of Result or JAMB Score include:

  • Click or Visit jamb.gov.ng
  • Go to UTME Registration and Click on UTME 2022 Result Checking
  • Type in your JAMB 2022 Registration Number or Email address or Phone number (Note: it must be the e-mail or phone number you used for registration.
  • Then click on Submit or Check your result
  • Download or Print the JAMB 2022 Statement of Result or Score as it appears
  • Check for your Score in each subjects and see your performances.

What is the next thing after JAMB Examination

After JAMB Examination, the next admission process is POST UTME/Admission Screening Exercises. This is the one you do in the school you registered. Therefore don’t be devastated over JAMB Examination performances as there is POST UTME. Prepare harder to enable you do very well

Important Notice

  • JAMB statement of result is quite different from JAMB Original Result which you will need when you are finally admitted unless otherwise stated and it has your passport on it.
  • Do not pay any money to anyone for JAMB Result upgrade as there is nothing like that – it does not work… They are all scammers.
  • If there is any issue that you would like to discuss with us which we are gladly expecting as our main priority is to see you being admitted this year.

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