Jamb Update 2022/2023- When and How to Reprint Jamb Examination Photocard Slip

Jamb Update 2022/2023- When and How to Reprint Jamb Examination Photocard Slip – This update is to inform the general public especially Jambites on when and how to reprint Jamb Examination Photocard slip which is very important for you to be eligible to write the 2022/2023 Joint Admission Matriculation Board examination. JAMB reprinting has commenced .This article will guide and give you steps on the simple process to go about it.

The 2022 UTME exam photocard/slip printing portal is now open for all who successfully register for the 2022 JAMB UTME.

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To Know your Jamb 2022/2023 Date and CBT Centre, you must Reprint Jamb Slip. To Reprint your Jamb slip, you need to login to your Jamb Profile and Download the Jamb Slip.

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How to Re-Print JAMB 2022/2023 Slip Online

Important Link for reprinting jamb 2021 slip

If you want to reprint your slip without login in to your JAMB profile, here is the short process or direct link to print it out.


The below url is for printing of JAMB Mock slip. It’s important you also know this.


How can I check my jamb slip 2022/2023?

Let’s be candid, (joint admission and matriculation Board) JAMB Slip Reprinting is done for the sole purpose of your Jamb Exam Date, also the Time and Centre you are to take your exam.

Here is the simple steps you should take or follow to reprint your jamb slip

  • Visit the Jamb Reprinting portal at jamb.gov.ng/PrintExamslip
  • Enter Jamb registration number, Email or SMS
  • Re-Print Jamb slip.

when is Jamb Reprinting starting (Jamb reprint)

JAMB has announced the latest commencement date for the Reprinting of the 2022/2023 UTME Exam Slip.

This means that  JAMB Reprinting will start officially few days to exam portal.jamb.gov.ng from a week to the exam

Jamb Re-Print Dates
Jamb 2022 Reprinting would start from  (7 Days to Jamb)

JAMB will surely send out a notification to all candidates of this year UTME exam, notifying them of the actual date and time reprinting will commence…

Should in case you don’t get yours by mail or sms don’t worry with our writeup here you are going to reprint your jamb slip.

Jamb slip reprinting date for 2021 has not been fixed however we are going to update this article to the latest update about JAMB UTME SLIP reprinting date.

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REASON Behind The Introduction Of Examinations Slip Reprinting

If there is no reason, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board will not change the usual approach to the examination. The reason for this is that the examination is now exposed to so many malpractices.

To curb this barbaric act, JAMB decides to withhold candidate’s examination venue, time and date.

Another reason for ensuring that the JAMB candidates do a reprinting of exam slip is to deliver the best by taking time to fix their candidates in the available CBT centers.

There have been issues where students get to their exam venue and discovered that the venue is filled and could not accommodate all the candidates posted to them.

So during the time of registration and release of the new slip, they would have vividly verified and seen that no center receives now that its capacity.

How To Reprint Your Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination Slip 2022/2023

After you have successfully registered for your JAMB Exam, you will print a temporal slip but after a while, JAMB will update your profile with a new examination slip that carries your examination venue, time and date.

After this, they (JAMB) will announce the date for its reprinting or forward it to the candidates’ registered email.

How To Carry Out Your Reprinting Without Email Notification

To handle the issue surrounding candidates who do not receive an email, the Examination Board will upload the examination slip on the portal of all candidates so that they can get it printed from there.

First, you will have to verify if the slip is already on your portal with your phone. After which you can proceed to a cyber cafe or business center with internet connection for its reprinting.

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The following steps are what will lead to a JAMB exam slip reprinting without problems;

How to print your JAMB SLIP from JAMB portal

  1. Visit the official website of JAMBhttps://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/PrintExaminationSlip
  2. Enter your DetailsTyped your email (the one you used for registration) or your Registration number on the column provided for it.
  3. Select “Print Examination Slip” then your slip pop-up on the computer scree
  4. Should in case your system ask you to “allow popup of this site from your browser”, the step below will guide you;
  5. Select opinion, then Click ” allow popup for www.jamb.org.ng”. Then your slip will be automatically displayed in a fresh tab after which you can print it.

How To Reprint Your Exam Slip After Receiving Email 2022/2023

  1. Once you receive have confirmed the mail from JAMB, it usually comes as an attached file with PDF format. It is saved with “JAMB registration number”
  2. After locating the file, download it on your computer system or smart device so that you can have offline assess to the file. Connect your device to your printer (if any) and print it directly at the comfort of your home.
  3. Should in case you don’t have a personal printer, then you will have to visit a cybercafe or business center.You can as well go to a business center without an internet connection, all you have to do is connect the device where you have your slip with the business center’s computer and send it through a USB cord, xender or any other method. From there you can get your slip printed out

It is advisable that you get the examination slip duplicated because JAMB will collect one copy at your examination center while the other will be with you as a purpose of reference when need arise.

How to Reprint your jamb slip from your JAMB profile:

  • Get to your profile created on jamb profile here @ jamb.org.nghttps://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/printpscexaminationslip.
  • Here is what to look out for “e-Facility Account/Log in” click on that link.
  • Login with your email address and password.
  • We are most interested in this link “Re-print your JAMB slip” hence look for a link with that caption and click on it.
  • Input your JAMB registration number and print out your slip.
  • If possible make everything colored printout.

JAMB 2020 RePrint Portal

You can always print your JAMB slip few days before the exam starts at jamb portal.

Reprinting of jamb slip is free of charge. Access the portal at your own convenience and know your exam date, time and venue which is very important.

Always have it in mind that your jamb reprinted slip will have all the necessary information as regard your exam. It will really frustrating if all these information are not there for you to access.

  • I have not seen my jamb centre
  • how do I check my JAMB exam date and venue
  • Jamb timetable and how to check my exam date 2022/2023
  • Jamb has not sent my exam centre for 2022/2023

I Have Forgotten My Email Password

Have you forgotten the password you set up when you set up your account? Here is a quick one to get a full recovery of the account by setting up a new password right away.

You have to Simply click on RESET/FORGOT Password when you get to the login page. From this page you should be able to get your password reset with a new one.

Still unable to login to your email! Still Wondering what could be the cause?

It could be that the email or password used for your jamb profile has not be typed in correctly by you. Carefully check if you are missing any thing. If the problem persists, above is a quick wrap to get over this problem.

Jamb Made Mistake In My Email

It might be that you had or the mistake is from JAMB as regards to your email.

Please remember that can as well try to quickly recreate the email address with a exact way it appears on your slip.

as appeared on your slip. You can’ quickly create a new email

But there are cases where this email might have been taken and you are left with no option but to contact the user explaining your self to him with prove stating that you need him to send you your JAMB slip soft copy back to your mail so that you can print it out

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