Npower Batch C Deployment status Checker 2022 via NASIMS Portal-How to Download PPA letter

Latest Npower Update-Npower Batch C Deployment  status Checker 2022 is Out : How to Download PPA letterThis post is for all Npower Batch C beneficiaries in other to know how to check their deployment status on the NASIMS portal.

What Is NASIMS Portal All About

NASIMS portal is the Web address launch by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management where Batch C of Npower beneficiaries can easily check and also know if they have been deployed and also where they have been deployed to. Deployment letter can also be printed on the NASIMS portal which is to be taken to the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Npower Batch C Deployment Status 2022

The  Npower body has released the deployment list for the 2022 beneficiaries. Successful candidates are to report on their various place of deployment a day before the deployment date. If you have made it to this stage then you are now an Npower beneficiary.

Are you searching for how to check your place of primary assignment, worry no more for you are in the right site. All the information and answers you desire are all contained in this post. Just keep reading.

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Npower Deployment Letter

The Npower Deployment Letter reveals the PPA (primary place of assignment) and the name of the supervisor where you would be able to work effectively. Hence, it is important to download it as it shows you are adjudge employed for the programme.

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How to Check Npower Batch C Deployment List 2022

All Npower Batch C applicants are to check their NASIMS portal for their deployment status

Take the following procedures very important and if you do not know how to go about it, you can visit the nearest ICT center around you and ask for help; terms and conditions apply.

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your email and password
  3. Click “Check Your Deployment Status”

Print NPower Deployment Letter / PPA Letter 2022 On

The NPower PPA Letters or Deployment Letters for applicants shortlisted on the Batch C Stream II is now available for printing on the NASIMS Portal under every Candidate’s Dashboard, or click on your state of origin below.

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If you are having any issues with your Npower NASIMS portal, you can resolve the issue by following the link provided below.

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Npower Batch C Stream 2 Commencement Date: Latest Update

The Npower Batch C recruitment is in two streams, namely stream 1 and stream 2. The Batch C stream 1 Npower beneficiaries have been deployed. What is remaining is the Batch C stream 2 deployment. Click here to see full details of the Npower Batch C stream 2 and when the biometric capture and posting will start.

How to Print Npower Deployment Letter – N-power Batch C PPA Letter for Posting and LGA Clearance

All successful npower applicants who completed their npower test, and biometrics exercise can now follow the below steps to download the npower batch c deployment letter.

If you do not know how to go about it,you can visit the nearest ICT center around, you can ask for help though terms and condition may apply.

  • Visit
  • Click on “Verification” to confirm your Biometrics capture was successful
  • Click on “Deployment”
  • Select the Npower Category you applied for
  • Then download your Npower Batch C Deployment Letter PDF

If you have been successfully deployed, you will get a message like:

“We have verified your details and your application has been deemed successful. Please check below for your posting details”.

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But if you have not been deployed, you will see. “You have not being deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after the deployment date has been set”

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Npower Batch C Deployment status Checker 2022 via NASIMS Portal-How to Download PPA letter

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