Npower Update: Npower NEXIT Poll for Online or Physical Nexit Training- Chose Here

Npower Update: Npower NEXIT Poll for Online or Physical Nexit Training – Candidates who are involved in NEXIT programme to select Npower NEXIT training they would love to obtain. The poll is to select either Online or Physical NEXIT Training exercise. You are expected to select the one you prefer here.

A lot has been said regarding the Nexit Scheme training center. Applicant has been asking if the training will be conducted online or physical. Though Npower have said it has putting all modalities in place for the Npower batches A and B to report to their designated training centre if they have been selected for the first batch of the training, and they will be notified when the training center is opened.

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The question is would you as a nexit beneficiary prefer to take the training online or physically, looking at the insecurity challenges affecting some part of the country?

Kindly take the poll below by commenting your most prefer Nexit training method:

1) Choice 1 – Online Training

2) Choice 2 – Physical Training

This is just a poll and not official. The authority might be seeing this and it will give them insight of your training preference.

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While both online and physical training might have its disadvantage in this context, Nexit applicants can’t wait to begin the training already.

Some beneficiaries might not have the technical know how or the tools to attend virtual/online training. On the other hand, some beneficiaries in places with insecurity issues might be afraid of attending physical training if schedule out of their location

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