NYSC Batch B 2022/2023 Senate List Checker for all Institution-Check Your Name Here


NYSC Batch B 2022/2023 Senate List checker for all institution- The NYSC management has finally released the approved 2022 NYSC Senate List batch B streams 1 and 2. The NYSC mobilization list portal 2022 is now opened for all PCMs to check for their names.

The portal for verifying the approved senate mobilization list of various institutions in Nigeria is now open. kindly ensure to read to the end to get all the information successfully on how to check your name today.

Meaning of NYSC

NYSC means National Youth Service Corps.

This is a programme established for unity in Nigeria after the civil war.

The National Youth Service Corps is a mandatory programme for every citizen of Nigeria; either you studied either in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

NYSC Online Registration Procedure for Married Women- See list of documents required

NYSC is 49 years old and was established on 22nd May, 1973 by General Yakubu Gowon.

Without the NYSC certificate, you cannot work in most companies in Nigeria.

The NYSC mobilization list for all institutions can be accessed through the main NYSC senate list portal for free. We will show you how to access the 2022 NYSC mobilization list and how to check if your name is either on the NYSC senate list batch A 2022 or NYSC senate list batch B plus other useful information. Interesting, if yes, then see how to check the list below.

What is the difference between NYSC Senate List and Graduation List?

The difference between NYSC Senate List and Graduation List is that Graduation List contains list of names of people from all schools arranged under their faculty and department to enable you confirm if your name have been forwarded to NYSC while Senate List is a list that contains all graduates who are qualified for NYSC registration and are eligible to go with that batch. Though your name maybe on Graduation List but not on Senate List. This is as a result of your credentials not uploaded yet.

Is it compulsory for your name to be on NYSC Senate List and Graduation List?

Not at all, but is required that your name appear on both. Even if your name is not on the Graduation List but on the Senate List, you can still do registration. Senate List is the main one as it confirms eligibility for registration.

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What is the implication if your name is on the Senate List?

The only implication is that you cannot correct any error, especially, date of birth once your name is on senate list. You can only register online using the information provided or sent by school to NYSC.

What is the implication is not on the NYSC Senate List?

Actually, if your name is not on the senate list, it simply implies that you cannot register or join that batch as your details as well as hardcopies of your credentials has not been forwarded to NYSC for upload.

When should I check my name on NYSC Senate List

You can check your name anytime as far as you have submitted your details to your school and there is a sign that your school have sent your details to NYSC Abuja. The checking does not take time, I advise you check from time to time.

How to check your name on NYSC Graduation List

Kindly Click Here to check your name on the NYSC Graduation List

How many times do NYSC mobilize in a year?

Registration and mobilization of corps members are done in batches and more recently in streams.

Currently, NYSC mobilize graduates twice a year in three batches: Batch A, Batch B and Batch C subdivided into Stream 1 and Stream 2.

How to check your name on NYSC Senate List

See steps to check the NYSC Senate List 2022/2023 below

To check the approved senate list, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Visit the NYSC Senate / Academic Board list portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx

Step 2. Select your Institution.

Step 3. Enter your Matriculation Number and Surname in the required columns.

Step 4. Enter your date of birth.

Step 5. Finally, click on the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your mobilization status.

Also, note that uploading of names is in batches and is still ongoing. So if you are yet to see your name on the NYSC senate list portal, do not be discouraged. Your school might still be in the process of uploading names.

Reasons Your Name May Not Be on NYSC Senate List

Click Here to see reasons and what you should do

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