NYSC Senate List: See reasons why your name is not on the Senate List and what you should do


NYSC Senate List: See reasons why your name is not on the Senate List and what you should do – It is important you find your name shortlisted on the NYSC Senate list if you want to go for the 2021 NYSC Orientation Camp Exercise.

Your name on the Graduation List is not enough for you to be mobilized for NYSC.  The most important criteria is for your name to appear on the senate list,as it shows your Eligibility and qualification for Youth Service.

In this post we would show you possible reasons why your name is not on the Senate List and how it can be corrected to avoid missing the registration or joining the batch.

Not correcting these factors could be detrimental because batches are passing and time is also passing by. Age is of importance to the NYSC.

What does NYSC Senate List Mean? Must my name be on the senate list before I can be mobilized?

Perhaps you could be in your final year and you might not be familiar with what NYSC Senate List means. Well, we are here to let you know what it means. Though briefly, it is so that you can have an idea about it.

This is a list that certifies that those coming into the NYSC Camp Ground  in order to serve their country (Nigeria). And it is in order to go for the compulsory one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Thus, this means that, if as a graduate, your name is not on the list, you will not be allowed to go for the mandatory one-year service. Also, it is your school that will send your name to NYSC. Thus, if your school doesn’t send your name, you won’t see your name on it

Reasons why your name is not on the NYSC Senate List

  1. If your name is not on the JAMB Matriculation List for NYSC Mobilization
  2. If you have not done your School Mobilization
  3. If your details and documents have not been forwarded and uploaded to NYSC
  4. If hard copies of your credentials have not been submitted to NYSC by your institution.

If you have done school mobilization and your name is not yet showing on the NYSC senate list, kindly confirm from your school if your name is on Error list, if not on error list, kindly seek and ask them to forward your details.

But if your name is on error list, kindly correct it by either printing your admission letter or JAMB original result as may be instructed on the JAMB matriculation list for NYSC Mobilization portal.

If you’ve already done mobilization but your status on NYSC Senate List is showing error that you cannot register, it simply means you need to correct the error by confirming if your name is on JAMB List for NYSC Mobilization, then submit the printed documents to your school and plead with them to forward it to NYSC for confirmation to enable your status on NYSC Senate List change.

If you have done everything necessary in my school, yet your name is not showing on the NYSC Senate List, Kindly, exercise patience, it could be that your school is still waiting to gather everything together from all students to enable them send it once to NYSC.

Also, you can easily confirm from your school why the delay in uploading your details and when likely it will show and made available on the NYSC Senate List to enable you register.

How can I check for my name on the NYSC Senate List

 Click Here to check if your name is on NYSC Senate List

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