How to Pass and Score very High in JAMB Examination: See secrets

How to Pass and Score very High in JAMB Examination : See secrets –Are you preparing for jamb? Do you wish to pass and score very high in JAMB? This post is for you.We will be guiding you on how you can achieve it.

You would agree with me that one thing is to prepare for an exam, another is to pass the exam with excellent grades. With the guide revealed in this article, you would be updated on how to pass jamb examination as well as score very high in jamb examination, 250 and above. SEE ALL THE FULL DETAILS BELOW.

JAMB is indeed an Examination every one supposes to make at one sitting, though many exceeded the achievement of this in one sitting because they were not informed . now you are opportune to come across this article . kindly go through this article very well a and you will understand how and what to do to avoid crying.

There are techniques and ways to score very high in one sitting.

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How to Pass and Score very High in JAMB Examination

Below are important steps to score very high in JAMB Examination

Make use of JAMB Brochure

JAMB Brochure is a short booklet produced by JAMB to help candidates select the subjects that relates to their different course of study. Once you have made-up your mind to study a particular course  it is indeed a nice step. Then try to select the subjects related to your course of study. Once this is done , you have made another important vital step to your excellent result in JAMB Examination for the year . Now u can move the the next step.

Register as soon as possible it starts

Registration is a proper enrollment to be eligible and to participate in the Examination. Try to register as soon as the registration starts as it will help you select the state of your choice and will be posted in a CTB centre close to you and also very conducive. If this is achieved you are set to strive on how to make the high score. Kindly check for the next step…

Trust and believe and have in yourself

Believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve “. Most persons conclude they have failed even before the exam day. This Examination is going to be hard”, “this subject is very difficult”. This alone demoralizes and kill the zeal of candidates from reading and preparing for the exam. “I don’t think I can do this….”

Who said you can’t do it. You can only do exploit if you believe in yourself. Give yourselves time and study very hard, anyone you don’t understand you ask question on time as answers would be provided as far as you asked the reasonable people. Always say  I CAN DO IT”  “I’M NOT A FAILURE” three times and believe you can, believe me you will do exploit. some who have believed themselves did excellently well in their Examination. You are really ready yo be successful, check out the next step…..

Locate your venue on time and get settle

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The venue which is the place you are to write the exam .you are there for required to have visited the place before the stipulated date of the JAMB Examination as it will help you to determine how many minutes or hours you will spend while going there. And also to know how early you are wake up on that day. Always make sure to be there on time before the exam start. If truly you do not want to waste your effort or sleepless night all because of lateness to the venue adhere to this instruction. The negative of lateness has caused many candidate not to write the exam. Been late has denied a lot Candidate their right of sitting for the exam. check out to see the last step that you must not miss.

Make use of JAMB syllables

The JAMB syllables comprises of all the areas of concentration to all the subjects you registered for you JAMB Examination. Get the JAMB syllables and locate the subjects you selected from the Brochure which are related to your course . Get an exercise book and copy out all the topics related to the subjects you registered. Congrats you are stepping forward to a high score….. Now check for the next step..

Make plan and prepare time table

Planning is preparedness for  future. Failure to make plan for the future make the future look bad and unproductive. Making a plan is one thing and making it work is another important thing . setting out what should be done and working towards it makes it been achieved.

Once you  have draft out the topics in the subjects, do make a standard time table for yourself and strictly follow it as it will help you a lot. Set the time table in such a way that you would be able to cover a topic each day and also calculate the number of day you have left before the Examination day. And then try as much as possible to cover up the topics before the stipulated date of the Examination. And also try not to forget to add time for past question and computer practice.

Kudos to you once this is done because you are a step ahead and really ready for the exam. Next step…

Good computer usage

Computer knowledge is very important to anyone preparing for JAMB Examination. Poor knowledge on the use of computer makes one inefficient and can therefore lead to failure. Learn and also practice on how to answer questions online with computer. Make sure to monitor your speed and accuracy. If your speed and accuracy is up to 70% it means that you are a step ahead and it is a good sign also make sure to practice more if there is still time to be more efficient and increase the percentage to at least 99% which assures that anything regarding to computer is not a problem to you. After all this is done do not relent for there are other vital things to do .. Check next.

Eat good food

Food is a very important substance whether solid or liquid is needed by every body .it helps to replenish the skin and repair worn out tissues. It helps in regaining strength for more activities (studying) to be carried out. If you eat very well, you will be energized to read longer hours. Make sure not to eat food that will make feel like dozing while reading rather, eat light and nourishing food for efficiency. Now you can move to the next step.

Locate good materials

Material in this sense regards to books recommended for the Examination. Some people get the wrong material and extract wrong information which leads to failure. Though no knowledge is a waste but regarding to the exam it is a total waste. Make sure to get past question and test your self with past question using the information you got from the text books and other vital material. Always remember that their could be repetition of question which will favor you positively — no stress in selection, thereby boosting your speed level. With this alone, check the next step….

Reading pattern

Reading pattern is  way you use in reading your books which is very acceptable to you for easy assimilation and understanding. Read as if the exam is tomorrow. Study very hard following the time table. Note: DON’T MOVE TO CHAPTER TWO WHEN YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND CHAPTER ONE “. Read with more dexterity as someone that really wants to score very high in the exam. Take it upon yourself as a competition with other student who registered for the Examination. Create a working suitable time table for yourself if reading at night is suitable for you or very early in the morning or in the afternoon , the main thing is try as much as possible to cover up before the day runs out. Once you are undergoing this step successfully, don’t forget to check for the next step ahead which is very important.

Test your self

Testing yourself is a good criterion to your success. Ask yourself  important questions regarding to what you have read. You can also make use of past question to test your speed and accuracy. If your score after testing yourself is not enough, check the cause, the topics you did not do well at and improve yourself in that area. Believe me if you can keep testing your ability with past question you will discover a lot of hidden facts in writing JAMB Examination.

IF YOU FAIL AT THE TEST, CLICK AND CORRECT YOUR SELF AND TRY NOT TO FAIL AGAIN. Make your second test to be higher than the first. Kindly click the next step for another upgrade.

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Shun any form of Examination malpractice

Indulging in Examination malpractice renders your effort useless. Ask yourself this question. What if am caught? This totally means that you will have to wait for another whole year before you will be eligible to write again that is if you are not jailed.

If you are caught in that immoral act it will lead to final cancellation of your result. JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOU CAN DO IT.

Warning. This time the joint admission and matriculation board JAMB watches all students from the head  office Abuja through a CCTV so if you are caught indulging in any form of Examination malpractice from the office you will not get to see your result.

Avoid any form of Examination malpractice, write the exam and comment your score below…..

As a good student you are make sure to follow these steps and adhere to the instruction then consider yourself a success in the forth coming Examination.


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