Top 10 MBA Scholarships in Canada (Fully Funded)- Apply Now

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration and is a degree in business for students who probably just finished their undergraduate studies and want to further their education in the business field. Hence, earning an MBA degree is a great accomplishment. It opens a huge range of opportunities to the student that earns it.

If you intend to study and obtain a degree in MBA, you can either apply and study online and get your certificate, or you could move to Canada for your studies. For the purpose of this post, our main focus will be on schools or universities offering MBA scholarships for international students.

Meaning of MBA

MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration and it is a sure guarantee for its holder that they will land a job rapidly and their career growth in the corporate world will be accelerated.

Although obtaining an MBA degree is very profitable and lucrative for you, it does not come very cheap there are still some Pros and Cons that come with a degree.

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In this regard, many students that had their undergraduate in a Business related course want to gain an MBA to enhance the quality of  their CVs. Not surprising at all. And because lots of students want to study for their MBA, there is need for scholarships especially for students who are from developing countries or who need financial support to study.

Many universities all over the world offer scholarships to students that wish to study at their institution and luckily, there are universities and colleges in Canada that offer scholarship opportunities to MBA students and we will take a good look at them in this article.

List of top MBA scholarships in Canada

1) Alberta MBA Scholarships.

Also a merit-based scholarship and need a base scholarship for international students and the value ranging from $10,000 to $15,000.  There are entrance awards for students that successfully gain admission into the Alberta School of Business which could have value of up to $15,000.Scholarships are awarded during the course of the MBA programs. To know more, visit

2) Rotman School of Management Scholarships at the University of Toronto.

This school of management is located in Toronto, Canada and is one of the leading schools of management in the world. This school of management is part of the University of Toronto and MBA aspirants can apply to the school to study and earn an MBA degree.

The Rotman MBA is indeed a good investment in one’s professional career. The Rotman School of Management does not, in itself, sponsor any students for scholarships for their MBA program, but there are a number of external organisations willing to sponsor foreign students for their MBA at the school.

For example, the Government of Canada International Scholarship Programs. There are many scholarships available under the governmental program for foreign MBA aspirants. Visit to see a full list of government scholarships.

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3) Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships.

Scholarship for international students who have the potentials of becoming future leaders but have problems paying for their tuition. The Entrance Scholarship also intends to attract high-achieving students from across the world to the university.

There are also scholarship and award programs for students during the course of their MBA like the Haskayne Student Experiences Fund, SU Travel and Conference Funding and so on. Visit

4) Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.

Ted Rogers School of Management is a management school located in Toronto, Canada and is one of Canada’s leading management schools where students can apply for their MBA. It was also ranked as one of the top 25 international MBA programs according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Because pursuing an MBA could be quite the financial investment, the Ted Rogers School of Management has partnered with Ted and Loretta Rogers and received a donation of up to $15 million for scholarships and awards. These scholarships and awards are meant to help students in the funding of their MBA programs.

Up to 24 students are awarded with scholarships and awards that are worth up to $20,000 each. In order to qualify for the Ted Rogers School Graduate Entrance Scholarship, the applicant must be academically excellent. Students are selected based on academic excellence and performance.

The scholarship is open to local Canadian students who are applying on full time or part time basis. And it is also open to international students who are applying only on a full time basis. To apply for their scholarships and awards, visit

5. Schulich School of Business Scholarships.

All international students are automatically considered for the scholarships and awards at Schulich School of Business. There are merit based scholarships, scholarships for those in financial need and so on. Visit

6. Ivey MBA Scholarships.

There are a number of excellent scholarships and student loans available for Ivey MBA applicants. The scholarship awards are worth up to $1.8 million in value. Kindly visit for more information on how to fund your study for MBA at Ivey Business School.

7. Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship.

There are also entrance awards and scholarships at UBC Sauder School of Business. Sauder School of Business is a part of the University of British Columbia. Some of their scholarship programs include Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, International Talent Scholarships, and so on. You can visit

8) HEC Montreal MBA Scholarships.

In partnership with the HEC Montreal Foundation, there are hundreds of scholarships up for grabs for you as a MBA student. Visit

9) Desautels Faculty of Management.

Desautels School of Management is a part of McGill University and is also a top management school in Canada. You can check their scholarships page on

10) Smith School of Business – Queens University.

This school of business is a part of Queens university and you can visit their scholarships page at The school is fully called Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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