Top 10 Stanford free online courses-See Full List and Apply Now

Stanford university is one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the world. It has a global reputation as a centre for excellence and its degrees ere highly valuable.

Stanford university has one of the most impressive list of alumni, innovations, inventions and is a leading voice in the world.

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Standford university offers so many online courses but our major focus will be on the top 10 best Standford free online courses with certificates .Stanford University is able to provide online classes, for free in this case, enabling interested individuals to attend and develop a skill or obtain important knowledge by employing modern technologies.

About Stanford University

Stanford is a private research college in the California.It has a very important reputation the world  over. Its official name is Stanford Leland junior and was founded in 1885 by the couple Leland and Jane Stanford in memory of their only son who died a year earlier due to typhoid fever. The university works as a leading research institutions to solve the problems plaguing the world.

University Stanford Free Online Courses

Stanford university is one of the most selective schools in the world being an ivy league college. It is super prestigious and is in the ranks for Harvard and Yale. Each year thousands of prospective students are turned down because there are not enough spaces for them.

Stanford online

Stanford online is the name of the Stanford online courses centre. It is operated by the Stanford development centre to fast track global access to quality education online and also gives extended education on campus. It is Stanford’s contribution to the development of the global community.

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Having said all that, lets get down to the real gist proper.

We have listed a comprehensive list of the Top 10 best Standford online courses with certificates below.

Computer Science

We all know how the science and technology is taking over virtually almost everything in the world today. At Stanford,they offer free computer science courses with certificates.  In this Stanford free online course, you may learn everything there is to know about computers, basic coding, and much more. Stanford’s ICT professors and top lecturers are teaching this course from the ground up.

Participating in this course and earning a certification will provide you with work options as well as the ability to learn more about computer programming and technicalities.

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Child Nutrition and Cooking

Child Nutrition and Cooking Course is another interesting free online course.  Most parent, nanny, etc don’t know how to give proper food diet or child’s eating routine.This is where child Nutrition and cooking course comes in. Stanford free online course will teach you how to approach a child’s eating routine, understand their diet, and provide them the correct food.

Certification in Child Nutrition and Cooking could lead to a teaching position and offer you with knowledge about how and what to feed your children and others.

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Statistical Learning

Become certified in statistical learning by taking this Stanford free online course, which will teach you the fundamentals of statistics as well as some of the most important tools used in statistical modeling and data science.

Linear regression, resampling models, linear model selection, and many more topics will be covered. This knowledge may be employed in any industry or even medical discipline, therefore you can enroll in this course regardless of your field of study.

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Designing Your Career

Creating a career plan Stanford’s free online courses are designed to help learners effectively explore a new field of interest, whether they’re just starting out or have already decided on one. You’ll learn new ways to interpret and approach networking and receive expertise on how to create meaningful professional connections.

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Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Participate in this Stanford free online course to improve your computer and programming skills. Algorithms are at the heart of computer science, and persons with such talents are sought after by tech companies and even other sectors.

It is recommended that learners have some basic programming expertise before taking this course because algorithms deal with programming as well.

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Organizational Analysis

This course absolutely recommendable. Organizations may be found all over the world, and everyone is a part of them; even if you aren’t now affiliated with one, you will be at some point. You will explore several theories of organizational behavior and apply them to actual situations of organizational change in this beginning self-paced course.

You will learn skills and information in management, organizational theory, analysis, and culture by enrolling in this Stanford free online course. This type of skill is required in practically every industry throughout the world, and certification will qualify you for any work position.

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International Women’s Health and Human Rights

Another big Course in our list of Stanford free online courses with certificates is this International Womens Health and Human Right Course.

This Stanford free online course has an impact on understanding of women’s health and human rights issues from infancy through old age, as well as information about constructive actions.

With your newly acquired expertise, you can join the ranks of human rights activists fighting for the rights of girls and women, as well as assist in the rescue of women in need. You might also use your expertise in the medical field.

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Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis

Learn how to understand social and economic networks and their impact on human behavior in this self-paced Stanford Online course. You’ll learn social network, game theory, network analysis, and theoretical abilities that you can use in a variety of businesses, particularly in the HR department.

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Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Here, the Stanford Introduction to Food and Health concludes our list of Stanford free online courses with certificates concludes. What you eat determines who you are. Eating the appropriate foods at the proper times has numerous health benefits; but, many people suffer from obesity, diabetes, and other preventable chronic diseases as a result of eating the wrong foods.

Join this Stanford free online course to learn about nutrition, food science and safety, and health informatics. You’ll learn about the different types of food your body requires, and you’ll be able to put your knowledge to work as a food and health nutritionist.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Data Science concerned with getting computers to function without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is responsible for self-driving cars, web searches, speech recognition, and a slew of other innovations.

Join this course to get theoretical and practical knowledge of the most successful machine learning techniques, as well as how to put them to use for yourself and others to generate money.

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